What Makes Us Unique?

Our services and trainings build on your strengths and knowledge, and draw on our expertise and the most current research.

We excel in translating research to practice and relating practice to the research.

"With the expansion of Aurora Consulting, I now have a one-stop shop to send inquiries about governance, strategic planning, program development and evaluation issues." Read More
- Melissa M. Stone, Ph.D., Gross Family Professor of Nonprofit Management, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
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  • Leadership & Governance

    Strengthening the leadership and governance of your organization helps you recognize, manage, and thrive through opportunities and challenges. More »

  • Performance Management & Evaluation

    Performance management and evaluation are about increasing impact through reflection, adaptation, learning, and growing. More »

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is about a multi-pronged approach to organizing and leveraging your resources to further your mission. More »

  • Trainings

    We train for groups large and small, and customize trainings to the needs of your group. More »

  • Recent Work & Announcements

    • Executive as Vortex

      The Executive as Vortex for Organizational Governance   I am hesitant to call it a trend, but for the past 3 years I have been observing something about the role of the executive that I had not seen as clearly before. The executive has become the vortex of governance for nonprofit organizations. Let me explain […]

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    • Organizational Assessment

      Reflect, Learn and Grow Organizational assessment is a systematic process to collect and evaluate information regarding an organization’s internal capacity. By assessing the internal structures and systems of the organization, an organizational assessment provides information for decision makers to determine capacities that need to be maintained, strengthened or fundamentally changed, in order for the organization […]

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    • Environmental Scans

       By Chendong Pi What is an environmental scan? An environmental scan is a process used to gather information about an organization’s internal and external environments to inform decision-making. An environmental scan can be conducted to achieve many purposes, including strategic planning, program development, community needs assessment, and making organizational decisions. While intuitive environmental scanning can […]

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    • Creating Meaningful Outcomes

      By Chendong Pi Program outcomes are taking an increasingly central role in the nonprofit world. Financial sponsors of nonprofit organizations are replacing their funder lens with that of an investor. While a funder disperses money, investors invest their money in programs that have the potentials to bring return. In the nonprofit world, this return is […]

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