Leading with Theory of Change

A theory of change is a powerful tool that helps an organization articulate the connection between its mission and its programs, using the language of outcomes. In this workshop, we explore what a theory of change is, how an organization can use a theory of change, and the implications of a theory of change for staff and board leadership.

Effective Survey Design

Surveys are often the first or only evaluation tool used by nonprofits, but poor survey design can produce untrustworthy or irrelevant results. This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of good survey design. Participants will learn strategies to choose, write, and test survey questions that are effective for their audience and evaluation purpose.

Demystifying Theory of Change

Recently I wrote a free e-Study about theory of change for the Hubert Project at the Humphrey Institute (University of Minnesota). Theory of Change is one of those terms that can elicit groans from nonprofit practitioners. Who has time to think about theories? And the word “change” makes people sweat a little. But, every organization I’ve worked with… Read more »

Our Next Act

We’re very pleased to announce that as of January 1, 2017, Al Onkka, our Senior Consultant, and Sarah Cohn of Cohn Consulting will purchase Aurora Consulting from our founder and principal, Julia Classen. How will our organization’s next act affect yours? Only in the best ways possible: our evolution will broaden and deepen our ability… Read more »