Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

Dear Colleagues, 

We are living through a moment when white supremacy, racism, anti-Blackness, and violence against Black bodies has been caught in broad daylight. We are experiencing the daily traumas that our Black, Brown, Indigenous, Immigrant, and People of Color community members must cope with each day as they endeavor to survive in the capitalist, colonialist, oppressive system that is American government. 

This moment, like every moment before, offers an opportunity to show up, to connect and listen deeply, to act with integrity, and to actively work to build our vision of a community where black lives matter and where each of us are able to be our full selves without fear of violence, censure, or oppression.     

Al and Sarah are proud to endorse and participate in the efforts of the nonprofits where we serve as board members. 826 MSP is supporting our students at South High through this trauma. You can read our Statement on the Murder of George FloydOne Voice Mixed Chorus members are protesting, cleaning, and providing medical and emotional support throughout the Twin Cities. 

With love,
Sarah and Al
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Any action that you take now will help. Here is a list of actions compiled by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light. We support their work and Statement on the Police Murder of George Floyd from which these actions come. 

  1. Phone a friend. Take ten minutes and have a conversation with someone you know about police violence and George Floyd’s murder. Ask what the other person thinks, listen to their responses, and share your own perspective.
  2. Phone a decision-maker. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman will decide whether or not the officers who killed George Floyd are charged with a crime. Call Attorney Freeman at 612-348-5550 and demand that he press charges against all officers involved with the incident.
  3. Donate to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.
  4. Support front-line organizations who are leading work on the ground: Black Visions CollectiveReclaim the BlockMinnesota Freedom FundCTULCOPALBlack Lives Matter MinneapolisNAACP MinneapolisVoices for Racial Justice
  5. Read and educate yourself. MPD150 has released a thorough and insightful report asking us to imagine a different relationship to policing as a society. Join in the discussion.

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