What We Value

We endeavor to embody these values in every interaction at Aurora.

Whole Self

We believe that authenticity and transparency are foundations of meaningful relationships. We strive to know and honor ourselves and our partners. We recognize that showing up as our whole selves is a generosity of spirit that strengthens the fibers of our connection to one another.


We believe that authenticity and transparency are the foundation for meaningful relationships. We work to actively push ourselves and become more fully aware of how our unconscious biases and beliefs have shaped our behavior. We are committed to fostering more inclusive practices and equitable outcomes. We make room for a graceful pace and care for one another while also staying accountable to ourselves, our clients and our community as we work to do better.

Imagination & Curiosity

We believe that curiosity drives imagination. We strive to create contexts that feel safe for you to be curious, to dream differently, especially when change feels hard.

Compassionate Feedback

We aim to cultivate spaces where giving and receiving feedback feels safe and constructive. We believe that feedback is necessary for an authentic partnership and that we owe each other care and empathy in this process.