Working as your trusted colleagues, we can assume several roles, including acting as advisors, planners, facilitators and workshop leaders.



Using data to inspire important insights

Evaluation is the systematic collection of information to help you assess and improve your programs. It often inspires important insights which lead to transformative change. But how do you do go about it? How much time does it take? Is it expensive? Of course the answer depends on what you are evaluating. We will talk to you about the variety of tools and processes that can be used for the program you are evaluating and provide you with resources and support to get the job done. Call us today to talk about your specific project.

"Aurora Consulting gave us new language, new tools, and new learning about what makes us effective."

- Janet Ogden-Brackett, Associate Director, Nonprofits Assistance FundSee Case Study »

Strategic planning

Designing a road map to help you achieve organizational excellence.

We don't create a strategic plan for you. We facilitate a process that allows your team to create it. That way it really is your plan, not ours. But we'll be right there at your side, coaching you through the process as you wrestle with your challenges, envision your opportunities, and identify realistic steps to address both. We'll be your guides, your support system, and your cheering squad! Let's get started. Call us today.

“Thanks to Aurora’s leadership, we all came away feeling very optimistic about our collective future.”

- Susan Chandler, Vice President, Arts MidwestSee Case Study »

Organizational leadership development

Teaching you to think and act as leaders.

Our collaborative, participatory process helps you observe and acquire leadership skills naturally. Our projects and workshops have you asking the big questions, developing your vision, crafting your strategy, and being reflective in your thinking. Strong, effective organizations have thoughtful leaders at all levels, including program team members, supervisors, managers, officers, and board members. We'd love to talk to you about how we can work together to improve your talent and deepen your bench when it comes to organizational leadership.

“Aurora made complex topics accessible and relevant for nonprofit board and staff.”

- Nate Dorr, Program Officer for Community Development, Northwest Minnesota FoundationSee Case Study »


Choose from our topics or reach out to customize a workshop for your organization.

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Board Governance

In this workshop we review the common roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board of directors as board members, committee members, and with relation to the CEO. We discuss two different but complimentary frameworks for board governance that include and go beyond fiduciary duty.

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Effective Survey Design

Surveys are often the first or only evaluation tool used by nonprofits, but poor survey design can produce untrustworthy or irrelevant results. This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of good survey design. Participants will learn strategies to choose, write, and test survey questions that are effective for their audience and evaluation purpose.

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Facilitative Leadership

Facilitation is an essential leadership competency. Facilitative leaders take a step back and nurture collaboration, capacity, and commitment with employees, colleagues, and stakeholders. With effective facilitation, groups can work together to assess a situation, analyze information, create a plan, and make group decisions that stick.

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