What do you know about your stakeholders, be they audience members, customers, community members, clients, board members, volunteers, policy makers, or participants? Some of their engagement with you may be easy to track through web activity, social media, ticket sales, or observable aspects like group sizes and types, but most of what is truly useful for understanding a nonprofit’s impact cannot be so easily captured. The information that is easily acquired is informative, but it is not as useful without knowing more about stakeholders’ perceptions, reactions, opinions, and thoughts. By crafting evaluations with a clear purpose and set of inquiry questions, nonprofit leaders can confidently gather this critical information from stakeholders and audiences.

This workshop will engage participants in discussing how their organizations engage with their broader stakeholder community, why they want to hear from and learn about their stakeholders, and how to develop a plan to gather information that will best help them make decisions or improvements to shape the future of their organizations’ activities.

Participants will, based on their nonprofit’s mission, develop an evaluation plan that will clarify the purpose of and set the stage for future data collection projects within a boarder set of questions.



This workshop is appropriate for anyone in the nonprofit field, both staff and board.


This is a half-day or full-day workshop and pairs well with Effective Survey Design.

Previously Presented at

  • Michigan Museum Association