Al does a great job introducing us to the information and putting it into practical use. I left with a new understanding and desire to put the skills we talked about into practice at my job. – Workshop Participant

Facilitation is an essential leadership competency. Facilitative leaders take a step back and nurture collaboration, capacity, and commitment with employees, colleagues, and stakeholders. With effective facilitation, groups can work together to assess a situation, analyze information, create a plan, and make group decisions that stick. The results of facilitative leadership are engaged participants, stronger teams, and efficient collaboration.

In this workshop we explore the qualities, values, and benefits of facilitative leadership. Participants will learn techniques for facilitating meetings that are designed to activate the power of the group: including the focused conversation method of facilitating group discussion and decision-making and the carousel method of synthesizing ideas. Throughout, we will discuss common barriers to facilitative leadership and how to overcome them.

Participants will leave with instructions and further resources for each of the techniques presented.



This workshop shop is ideal for anyone with organizational or programatic leadership responsibilities, including both board and staff.


This is a half-day workshop. It pairs well with our half-day Board Governance workshop or Mission-Based Decision Making workshop to create a full day of organizational leadership training.

Previously Presented at

  • Center for Nonprofit Resources, Ohio
  • Minnesota Council of Nonprofits