Thank you! This was one of the best and focused workshops that I have attended. – Workshop Participant


Mission is the guiding light of nonprofit organizations. It describes the “good” a nonprofit creates for its beneficiaries. Yet “mission creep” is one of the most common complaints of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits often feel pressure to take on work that is tangential to their mission. At best, they lose organizational focus, at worst, tangential work harms the organization’s ability to deliver on its actual mission.

Without proper structure, discussion about an organization’s mission can devolve. In this workshop, we explore practical tools that organizations can use to facilitate discussions about mission and mission-based decision making: including six degrees of mission separation, strategy screen, mission/money matrix, and hedgehog theory.

Participants will leave with instructions and further resources for each of the techniques presented.



This workshop shop is ideal for anyone with organizational or programatic leadership responsibilities, including both board and staff.


This is a half-day workshop. It pairs well with our half-day Board Governance workshop or Facilitative Leadership workshop to create a full day of organizational leadership training.

Previously Presented at

  • Northwest Minnesota Foundation
  • Findlay-Hancock Community Foundation